Boulder Lake - Kahurangi National Park

Boulder Lake - Kahurangi National Park

Peter has revisited Boulder Lake in Kahurangi National Park because it is an absolute favourite of many Golden Bay trampers and we are often asked for prints of that area. The Douglas Range track which links the Aorere Valley with the Cobb Valley, is one of the most spectacular tramps in Kahurangi National Park. The range is one of contrasts: beautiful tarns, peaks with names such as the Dragon's Teeth and The Drunken Sailors, so precipitous they cast shadows even at noon in summer; and stunted beech forest mingling with rocky outcrops. The 3 huts on the Douglas Range track are well-sited near lakes. Boulder Lake is one of our favourites. Boulder Lake Hut was the first hut built by the Golden Bay Alpine and Tramping Club in 1961. The old hut is still there, tucked into the bush, but a very comfortable DOC hut has been in place since 1994. The area is steeped in gold-mining history and there are many scattered relics and an old dam.

Title Boulder Lake - Kahurangi National Park
Artist Peter Geen
Location Boulder Lake, Kahurangi National Park
Medium Acrylic on Canvas
Media Painting
Date February 2017
Size 1000 x 550mm Unframed, 1175 x 725mm Framed
Frame Yes
Style Realism
Theme Landscape

Original Painting Price

1000 x 550mm Unframed, 1175 x 725mm Framed